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VetCTAP | Veterans Career Transition Program

" The difference between CTAP and other transition programs I attended is the focus on the individual career transition and path. Above all CTAP helped me realize my potential and provided me the tools necessary to market myself effectively and efficiently. Janis, Betsy and Sandra bring a wealth of knowledge to Veterans, no matter what stage of the transition process they are in. I would recommend this program for anyone who takes their future seriously. I would like to thank all of the coaches at CTAP for the workshops they put on and the time they volunteered. "

Jasan Thomason

"These people really know what is important in obtaining a job. They are all caring, knowledgeable professionals who know how to prepare us for that next position by providing the material and tools that enable you to develop the necessary skills to be successful in the job search. Garry Takacs - ET1(SS)The CTAP class helped me fine tune/ edit my resume and perfect my interview skills. I don't think I could have gotten this new position without that very valuable assistance. I am truly grateful for the experience and great help!! I hope all is well with you and CTAP :) "

Thank you

Amy Marie M.

I got hired on to work at xxxxx, starting this week. I 'm surprised how fast the process took. My resume was significantly tightened up during the CTAP class and I have you and the class to thank for that. I had two interviews and was hired in the same day. Both interviewers, HR and store manager, gave me several behavioral questions, asking me for examples. It was hard, but I got it. I really felt prepared and confident going in. 


"I attended the CTAP class that Janice was presenting. I had been retired from the Marines for 10 years and been working in the Insurance industry for a number of years and needed a career change to something more in tune with what I did in the Marines. I had sent out resume after resume with absolutely on results. Not even one call back. While in the class, I learned just how ineffective my resume was, and how scattered my job search had become. With the help of Janice and her team of volunteer coaches, I revamped my resume and focused my job search. While in the class, I began communication with the VP of the company that just hired me! I truly believe that without the knowledge that I received from Janice and all the presenters in the CTAP class, I would never have gotten this position."

W. Kyle Baugh

​I am so blessed to have been able to participate in the CTAP and sincerely appreciate all the effort you both have put into the program. All the advice, constructive criticism, education, testimonials that CTAP provided proved so valuable to me. In addition, the program has given me confidence that I have something to offer an organization outside of DoD. My wife Jennifer and I sincerely appreciate what you have donefor us. And once I am fully "transitioned" (May 31) and settled in to a new routine at VCC, I want to get involved somehow with the CTAP and VANC. I want to help other transitioning members. Again, thank you so much!!

B. Neil Fischer

"The most valuable transition course offered in San Diego County today.  The volunteer Human Resource professionals at CTAP coached me through resume writing, building my network, and preparing for interviews.  With CTAP's help, I was able to nail the interview and secure a great job. Thanks CTAP!  

Chris Young, Lieutenant
Colonel, United States Marine Corps

"CTAP, I am very grateful that this program exists.  If it wasn't for CTAP and all the great volunteer instructors, advisors, and guest speakers, I would still be behind the power curve for my next career move.  You just can't beat the access to the one-on-one resume coaching experts or talking to HR professionals, veterans, career and business experts about what it takes to land the job of your dreams. I intend to sign up for CTAP again in the future so I can get ground truth updates of how to be successful in the civilian workforce.

Thank You!! Janis and Thank You!! volunteer staff. "

MGuns C.6.

"Thanks for all your support. CTAP gave me the confidence I needed in my job search.  Relying on the knowledge I received really helped me land this job. Thank you for all you do."

Christine Hough, Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, Retired

Prior to CTAP, I had all of the initiative and good intentions in the world as I launched what I thought were good resumes at a feverishly pace toward job postings.  To my dismay, the resumes seemed to go into "blackholes" sponsored by corporations and void of feedback.  I was beginning to question if my military skills actually were transferable to "corporate America".  The dedicated corps of volunteer human resource personnel, led by Janis Whitaker, did an excellent job of providing an exploded view that detailed the intricacy and relationship of each step or tool necessary to be successful in obtaining a job.  I firmly believe that if I had taken this course six months ago, I would already be working in a job oriented toward my long-term career goals. "

Again, thank you,

Steve McClelland

"CTAP through VANC is a great class for Service Members who are transitioning back into the workforce.  Service Members will learn to cultivate the "how to's" of marketing their job skills to employers and it is a skill that is immeasurable. Finding a job with a culture that compliments you and vice versa is hard to come by.  Especially when you try to factor in your outlook for compensation and vertical growth, the overall task to finding a job could appear difficult.  Although, finding a job isn't difficult--it's just competitive.  And my chance to participate in the CTAP classes has helped me to better understand the competition that I have faced as a job seeker. To the Staff and Volunteers of CTAP, thank you for your time, the resources, and all the work that you have invested to facilitate and support Service Members to transition back to civilian life. "

Cody Khov USMC 

"I am in the Current CTAP Class and I want to extend my gratitude for everything the volunteers are doing for us. I can honestly say that my decision to transition has been met with a lot more confidence because of everything all the volunteers are doing, Thank you Janis, Thank you Julia, and thank you to all the volunteers, you are truly heroes for your selfless devotion to the program and to the veterans."

Angel Rodriguez, USMC

"I wanted to thank you for all of your amazing support during the month of CTAP classes.  I really enjoyed the speakers and absorbed quite a bit of useful information from all of them. Thank you again for the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and exposure to companies looking to hire Veterans.  I am a perfect example of positive results!"

Rebecca R

“Bar none, the absolute best transition program I have used to date. The use of professionals in the public sector versus the same tired, worn out lectures that are mandatory for transitioning  service members is an invaluable opportunity that should be taken advantage of by anyone planning on separating from the military. Having the opportunity to see the whole process from beginning to end, including job search techniques, interviewing recommendations, networking possibilities, and resume creation and editing has definitely given me better insight into what to expect during the transition period of my career.”

GySgt Eric Olson, USMC

"I just wanted you to drop you a note to tell you how fortunate I felt to be a part of your first CTAP class, I truly believe if more military veterans had the opportunity to be a part of this at the time of our transition, our career fields would be much further ahead, and the emotional impact would not have been as drastic. The information and highly interactive classes were great, but the most important part of this was the human interaction: the examples, the words of encouragement and the ability to see others “in the same boat” and realize we’re really o.k. I think your team has done an excellent job putting together a Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP)! It was a very productive and helpful workshop."

Mary Jane Fisher, US Navy Veteran

“CTAP has helped me tremendously. I received one-on-one instruction from facilitators and coaches on how to be better prepared to separate from the Marine Corps and transition into the civilian community. The classes covered everything from job search techniques to interviewing and resumes. They even helped me determine what career path I want to take. I have recommended it to everyone about to separate from the military and will continue to do so.”

1st Sgt John Paul Doring, USMC


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